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SUGAR MARINA emphatically upholds a BOUTIQUE HOTEL principle as we intently immerse ourselves in every detail of our hotel concepts, creating a harmonic collection of beautiful stories conveyed in our ambience and design. Our unique designs, tied in with our sense of Thai-style service, has resulted in our brand of hospitality delivered with heart and passion at every one of our BOUTIQUE HOTELs in Phuket and Krabi.

The SUGAR MARINA group of hotels aims to be among the leading hotels in Thailand, and we will continually develop our concepts and visions to deliver value and unique experiences to our valued guests.

Our collection of concept hotels in Phuket and Krabi are designed to cater to our guests’ needs and lifestyles – from couples and families, to vacation lovers and adventure seekers. Our hotels’ deluxe rooms and family suites are well thought out in terms of interiors and furnishings for optimal functionality and guest comfort. Hotel amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, play areas, and restaurants are on offer to provide our guests with a full boutique hotel experience.



The Sugar Marina group of boutique hotels in Phuket and Krabi offer modern and stylish accommodation for couples, friends, and families. Each hotel is a labour of love, from conceptualisation to realisation, and showcases our desire to create unforgettable experiences for our guests.

What sets our design hotels apart from others in Phuket is the unique ways we’ve executed each theme, paying close attention to every detail.

Of course, an integral part of our boutique hotel experience is the quality of service we provide. Our trained staff are always ready to serve our guests.

Woman on a patio with pool access at a luxury boutique hotel in Phuket