Enjoy Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner at These Phuket Restaurants

Cup of coffee from Happyman Cafe, near a burger restaurant in Kata Beach

A visit to Phuket won’t be complete without trying the many dining options available, from street food stalls to quaint cafes, bustling bars, and restaurants serving authentic Thai dishes and international fare. While many hotels serve breakfast as part of their room package, you won’t run out of places to try out for brunch, lunch, and dinner!

Sugar Marina Hotels, located near prime beaches such as Karon Beach and Kata Beach, and Phuket Airport, are home to restaurants offering a variety of dishes. Our restaurant menus are carefully planned with a selection of well-loved traditional Thai dishes as well as international staples such as burgers and salads.

Dining at a Sugar Marina Hotel restaurant is an interesting experience in itself because while each place is designed for function and comfort to accommodate our diners, the interiors each have a different design concept.

A relaxing and unique atmosphere.


Located in the heart of Kata Beach is Happyman Botanic Cafe, where you go for fashion-savvy blends and flavours. This quaint coffee shop in Sugar Marina Hotel FASHION is a great place to work, socialise and indulge your caffeine cravings. It perfectly complements the offerings at the nearby burger restaurant, KIRI, so check it out if you fancy something filling!


Where good food and good design meet.

All day breakfast dishes at a brunch restaurant in Kata Beach

You can’t beat an all day breakfast! And with our healthy and filling menu options, you can have it whenever you want! Explore our restaurants below to find out about the breakfast  dishes at our Phuket branches in Kata Beach and Karon Beach. 


Serving up a variety of tasty dishes made with fresh and high-quality ingredients, from pasta to salads to seafood and burgers, KIRI Burger and Bowl will satisfy your cravings.

Our all-day restaurant serves a menu of grilled local Thai and Western dishes to be enjoyed with coffee or cocktails, amidst stylish themed decor. Burgers are what we do best at KIRI, so be sure not to miss out when you visit our restaurant at Karon Beach or Kata Beach!

With our comfortable and plush booths and lounge area, small and large groups are sure to have a relaxing time as they enjoy the freshly grilled food, refreshing drinks, and relaxed ambience.

Salad with lettuce and shrimp from a healthy restaurant in Kata Phuket
Healthy dinner option of meat with vegetables at a restaurant near Karon Beach
Grilled burger with onions and cheese served at a burger restaurant in Karon Phuket



Located in the heart of Kata Beach, Robu Salad and Burger offers a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in a comfortable setting that invites nature in.

The restaurant’s modern interiors and soft lighting create an inviting ambience to enjoy tasty and delicious dishes with lots of healthy options.

If you’re looking for a healthy restaurant in Kata Phuket, be sure to try our salad and poke bowls, made with fresh superfood ingredients to give you a healthy boost.

Robu also offers a relaxing alfresco area perfect for those who want to enjoy their meal outdoors. Whether you’re dining in a small or large group, our friendly service staff and filling meals will make you feel right at home.

BBQ burger at Robu Salad and Burger restaurant in Kata Beach
Grilled chicken bowl at Robu Salad and Burger restaurant in Kata Beach
California chicken bowl at a burger restaurant in Kata Beach
Healthy bowl at a restaurant in Kata Phuket
Healthy bowl with vegetables at a restaurant in Kata Phuket
Breakfast bowl at a healthy restaurant in Kata Phuket
A venue for fun and relaxation.
Find live music at a cafe restaurant near Phuket Airport


Midway Cafe & Bar is a restaurant near Phuket Airport that offers guests a relaxing spot to unwind. It serves a variety of dishes, from burgers to local Thai food, all to be enjoyed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The best bit? Customers are also treated to live music six days a week.

With vintage-industrial details following Sugar Marina Hotel AVIATOR hotel’s aviation theme, Midway brings to mind a hip speakeasy, perfect for enjoying a nice meal, great music, and rounds of beer or whisky.

Aeroplane decor at Midway Cafe restaurant near Phuket Airport
Now showing All Seat Always sign at Midway Cafe restaurant near Phuket Airport
Enjoy cold beer at Midway Cafe restaurant near Phuket Airport