Welcome to the sunny shores of Kata Beach in Phuket – a popular beach spot that is a treat for the eyes and your tummy! If your idea of travel includes indulging in local delicacies and eating like the locals do, the street food scene near and on Kata Beach is a must-add to your to-do list.

Just a short walk from the beach, you’ll find the exciting Kata night market, brimming with must-try Thai street food delights. Ready to take a closer look? Let’s set off.

Exploring The Street Food At Kata Night Market

As the sun sets, Kata night market comes alive with the smells, sounds and sights of cooking from every corner. For street food enthusiasts, this is where your taste buds have the chance to go on a roller coaster ride of flavours. Let’s check out some of the must-try items at Kata Night Market.

Start off your food venture with some delicious grilled satay. These skewered and grilled meats served with a delicious peanut sauce, are the perfect appetisers for your street food exploration.

Next, no visit to Thailand is complete without tasting its signature dish, the pad thai. At the night market, plenty of stalls serve up delicious pad thai – choose your favourite toppings and watch them cook up a plate for you.

Now, when by the beach, trying scrumptious seafood is a must! Given its coastal location, Kata Beach offers some of the freshest seafood in Phuket, and you can sample some of it at the night market. Let the classic, fragrant waft of grilled seafood beckon you – try the catch-of-the-day, juicy jumbo prawns or squid with a delicious tangy and zesty seafood sauce. The various seafood salads are also a must-try. It’s ocean-to-plate dining at its best, but make it street food style!

For the finisher, there is always space for dessert. Try the classic Thai dessert, mango with sticky rice, or look for coconut ice cream vendors to cool off from all the spicy food you’ve indulged in.

Last but not least, stay hydrated for your walking tour through the night market with a fantastic Thai iced tea – its creamy sweetness is the perfect antidote for the tropical heat. You will also find an incredible selection of tropical fruit juices and smoothies to take with you on the go.

Beach Treats

You need the fuel to keep you going for a fun day out on the beach, and the street food selection on Kata Beach is fantastic. From early-morning snacks to late-night bites, Kata Beach is lined with street food vendors offering everything from local Thai snacks to international cuisines.

Street food on Kata Beach

If you love snacking – you are in the perfect place. Chomp down on crunchy spring rolls and savour some soft, aromatic fish cakes. You will also find a variety of fresh and hot meat skewers being barbequed on portable grills. For those who want a bit more oomph, try some hearty fried chicken paired with sticky rice. Quench your thirst with a cool coconut or some zingy fruit juices. And to finish off with a sweet indulgence, try some crispy, sweet rotis or maybe an oh-so-good banana and Nutella crepe.

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